Renewable energy has an important place in terms of reducing the dependence of foreign countries by meeting the energy needs of the countries with domestic resources, ensuring sustainable energy use by diversifying the resources and minimizing the harm to the environment as a result of energy consumption. Today more than 20 percent of the energy consumed worldwide is derived from renewable sources. Although the dependence on fossil fuels is currently high, renewable energy usage rates are increasing gradually over the years. Turkey's renewable energy sources, which will significantly reduce dependence on foreign energy will provide extremely important benefits in many areas such as from national income to employment, from investment areas to environmental factors, from energy supply to resource diversification.

EKPET İnşaat is trying to make Turkey become a central country in energy trade and to make a self-sufficient country in energy. Our investment continues at the latest speed. In our EKPET İnşaat portfolio, we have unlicensed GES investments with a total installed capacity of 11.0 MW in three different regions of our country which is currently active. In addition to this, we will have 60.0 MW installed power in the pre-licensing phase and our RES investment to be established between Mardin and Diyarbakır-Batman continues rapidly.


Wind Power Plants
Location: Mardin/Derik-Mazıdağı
Capacity: 60 MWh

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